23 Jun 2013

How To Open/Fix Blocked Adf.ly Links in India ?

Posted by Vishnu Mohan  |  at  12:33 am

Adfly_blocked in india_vmtricks

Probably you may be noticed that the Adf.ly has blocked in India 2 days ago.Adf.ly site which allows you to shorten your URL link and on every visit of your short Adf.ly link you get earned, because its shows advertisement on every shortened link of Adf.ly.

So after the blocking of the same so many users were annoyed and many of our visitors and users requested us to provide them a powerful trick to open the blocked Adf.ly in India inorder to open the download links.Hence we are here to provide our visitors the powerful trick to open the blocked Adf.ly.Please follow the simple and powerful trick:


  • First of all collect the download link which is shortened by Adf.ly.

       Which may be like this :

  • http://adf.ly/abcd
  • Then Add v2.” in the links … as shown below:
  • http://v2.adf.ly/abcd

Here is the Video Tutorial (Must See it…)


  • Then Hit enter ,the download links will be 100% working.

Please comment below if you feel any problems.We will immediately respond and help you.If you liked it worked for you don’t forget to share it ……….

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    1. 100% workin..............thanx man.....u are really awesome...

    2. [adf.ly indian user]how to convert every link in blogger in to https protocol automatically with modified adf.ly script (Indian user)


    3. Why the hell did India blocked adfly in the first place..?

    4. We need to download anything?

      Asking cause its not working it says google cant find this link.

      Please Help!

    5. sir,its not working i want to open a site which has web address:http://adf.ly/8SFYi,now what to do,problem loading page appears.plz help me i want an important password from this web address.

      1. Hello Kashyap,
        This trick is full working and tested several times.
        To access your file click here
        visit again

      2. earlier is was working but again your has also failed now.Please try yourself now and find a solution for it now.


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